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Three new NASA travel posters offer a different kind of trip

NASA travel posters

You know who likes to party? NASA. NASA likes to party. It likes to party so much that it just commissioned several new artistically impressive faux travel posters, highlighting a possible future where people can vacation on Mars, or take a tour of the gas giants.

It’s neat.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory commissioned the Seattle design firm, Invisible Creatures, to create a series of images for use in a 2016 calendar. The calendar is specifically for NASA employees and government officials connected to the space agency, so unfortunately you will need an advanced degree in the sciences or join the beuracracy and hope for the best.

The design firm – which has worked with Nike, Target, and several others – released the three images below. JPL will release a new image for free each month on its website. Better yet, you can buy the physical prints on Invisible Creatures website and hang them on your wall to impress your friends with how cool you are.

“We, of course, were ecstatic, just because our grandfather was an illustrator at NASA for 30 years, and so this is kind of our first NASA project,” Don Clark, who co-founded Invisible Creatures with his brother Ryan, told The Verge.

The prints for sale measure 24” x 36” and run $40 each. A set of all three measuring 10” x 14” each runs $50, and all prints are signed by the artist. There are several other prints for sale as well, each from a different project. If you are looking for some cool and original art, Invisible Creatures’ website is a good place to start.

Each month, a new image will feature a different location to go along with the three that currently highlight Mars, Enceladus, and the gas giants. The next locations haven’t been revealed, but if they are as cool as the three existing posters, that NASA calendar – which again, you can’t buy – will be in ridiculously high demand.

Behold the three images below, and check JPL’s website for new images.

NASA travel posters NASA travel posters NASA travel posters



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