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This video may show the most boring ghost ever

boring ghost

A student at Fouke High School in Arkansas saw something a little weird on a recording from a CCTV system set up inside the school. That student wasn’t identified, but they used their smartphone to record what they saw on the TV.

The clip shows what appears to be a janitor’s cart moving. On its own.

As with all the paranormal videos we post on DBP, obviously we can’t prove it to be true. At the same time though, we can’t easily refute it.

The janitor’s cart seems to move on its own. The obvious answer is that something is pulling it, but as the video’s poster “TubbaRubba” points out, the cart is too heavy to pull with strings – at least not strings thin enough to not be seen. It could have been pushed from off camera, but that wouldn’t explain the way the cart moves.

The only other options are that the whole thing is faked – and not just kind of faked, but massively faked. The video may have been edited with special effects software, or the cart may be using some form of remote control system.

“The janitor thought that his cart could not have been pulled by a string due to its weight,” the poster stated. “The footage was also checked beforehand and nobody was recorded entering the bathroom without also being recorded leaving the bathroom before this incident occurred. It was found down the hallway it went down in the video past a few classrooms.”

After being posted on YouTube, the clip made its way to Reddit, where it was met with a level and moderated response as people went back and forth analyzing the vid- yeah, I couldn’t even finish that sentence.

Some people believed it, a lot of people thought it was fake, and everyone that didn’t agree with everyone else was a brain dead idiot. So par for the course.

The clip even made its way overseas to The Mirror, whose commenters were equally skeptical.

If it is a ghost, it’s a fairly boring one.

If you die a violent death and then come back to haunt a high school, that’s just kind of sad. Worse yet, to haunt a high school and push a janitor’s cart, that seems like a waste of a perfectly good haunting.

Anyway, check it out below and let us know what you think.



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