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This may be the weirdest accident ever caught on tape

This may be the weirdest accident ever caught on tape

If you’ve spent any time on our site, you probably know we like weird stuff. From ghost videos to floating cities to alarmingly sexy drink dispensers, we can’t get enough.

So when video of what appear to be cars tossed into the air without any visible force responsible, we are all over it.

The clip below was recorded by CCTV in Xingtai, China. The incident occurred at a typical stop light, when a pair of cars are shot into the air by what appears to be a blast from an unseen force. Another car on the right side of the screen is also shot up into the air a bit, but to a much lesser degree.

It looks like it’s something out of a superhero film. You can almost imagine Magneto standing just off screen, waving his hand and causing the destruction. Alternatively, it may be a poltergeist, violently flinging cars all over the place. The street could be build on an ancient burial ground of some sort.

But alas, the supernatural hunters out there are likely going to be disappointed, as there is apparently a very simple explanation for the accident.

According to CNET, the popular theory is that there was a cable placed across the street that was likely caught up in the brushes of the street cleaner seen on the right side of the video. The cable – which may be similar to those left on American streets to gauge traffic – was caught in the circular motor of the street sweeper, and then tightened as the motor spun.

To add credence to this, there does seem to be a direct line of destruction from the truck on the left, through the truck next to it, and on to the car next to the street sweeper. It’s not as sexy of an explanation as a rampaging supervillain, but it fits.

It’s still fairly cool, and it is possibly the weirdest accident ever caught on tape involving vehicles, so enjoy.

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