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This is what an unbreakable Shaolin Monk looks like

This is what an unbreakable Shaolin Monk looks like

A self-proclaimed unbreakable Shaolin Monk puts that claim to the test in this fairly insane video, featuring many things that should kill a person.

You know the expression “truth is stranger than fiction”? Well, behold a case and point.

24-year old freak of nature Zhao Rui is more or less an unbreakable Shaolin Monk. Sure, technically there are things that probably could break him. He’s probably not all that eager for people to try to run him over with their car or hit him with a mace, but he’s fairly incredible.

The video below highlights Zhao as he undergoes what for most people would be extreme physical abuse, but what for the monk is slightly annoying.

The video comes from Russia Today, a media outlet with a little bit of news, a little bit of weird. It may post some wacky stuff now and then, but it doesn’t generally post videos that are just made up – it doesn’t have to, it’s the most watched news network on YouTube with over 3 billion collective views.

That doesn’t mean that you can or should take the clip at face value. Some of them, like the cinder block, are as much about physics as physical prowess (although the ability to balance like that is insane). Still, some of it is just ridiculous.

Even if Zhao were using a bar that isn’t as hard as it looks, that’s still a lot of force hitting his head. The drill could be fake, but the pulling of the van…

So yeah, basically Zhao is a mutant. Check it out below, and never pick a fight with a Shaolin Monk. But if we have to tell you that, you may already be doomed.



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