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This is what a lightning storm from space looks like

lightning storm from space

Astronauts onboard the ISS captured a lightning storm from space, giving us a look at what one looks like from the other side.

Here’s a video that you may never have thought to seek out, but after seeing it you’ll wonder why you didn’t. It’s like to see a lightning storm from space.

The clip below won’t challenge your beliefs on anything – unless you believe lighting storms are actually created by dragons or something insane like that – but damn if it ain’t cool. It’s a lightning storm seen from space! Bet you didn’t think you’d see that when you woke up this morning.

The clip was taken as the International Space Station passed over India last year. It was then converted into a Vine and posted online. Because technology has brought us to a point where people in space can now Tweet and share video on multiple social networks. Sure, it’s not the scathing wit of Kim Kardashian or the unbiased analysis of Skip Bayless, but seeing pictures shared from freaking space is still fairly cool.

With luck, it will remain cool for the next few years, right up until we’ve seen enough that images live shared from space become boring.

By the way, the image above was taken and tweeted by ISS astronaut Terry W. Virts, and it shows the U.S. Eastern Seaboard as Tropical Storm Ana hit. It’s not an image from the storm in the Vine below, but it’s, ya know, not bad.



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