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This is the ghost video that launched a media empire

ghost video

When I started to post these ghost videos in honor of Halloween, I made it a point that I would try to avoid professional TV paranormal teams as much as possible. There’s just too much temptation for them to fake things, or at least heavily exaggerate them.

That said, this is one of a handful of post featuring the Ghost Adventure Crew, and that’s no mistake.

For all their faults – including their criminal overuse of the word “bro” and a tragic fashion sense – the GAC at least documents its work. They also have a certain charm that helps keep it all grounded. You can criticize the show, you can disagree with the findings, but shy of a massive conspiracy the footage seems genuine.

It’s also decent quality thanks to professional equipment. That makes a nice change from someone using the camera on their phone to record a CCTV playback, or a VHS recording from 2001.

Over the years, the GAC has captured a few really creepy things on tape, but some of its best evidence comes from its earliest footage. The clip below was part of the team’s first ever documentary, which it filmed on their own without a network backing it. The documentary was later aired on SyFy and then Travel Channel, and it basically served as a pilot for the ongoing show on Travel, but it was recorded without a studio backing it.

The entire documentary has a lot of filler in it. There are plenty of scenes of the team hearing sounds and chasing orbs, but it also provides at least two really good pieces of paranormal evidence. We’ve already posted one, where a brick flies up on its own, and here’s the other.

The footage below was taken at the Old Washoe Club in Virginia City. A night vision camera captures what appears to be an apparition moving across an empty ballroom.

After recording the footage, the team took it to several video experts, all of which said it was weird. The trio of hosts next took it to local news stations and discussed it, and it was even picked up by some national outlets.

It’s thanks in part to this footage that the GAC became what it is today, with a show in its 13thseason, multiple spin-offs, several live events in the past, and more.

Check it out below and decide for yourself. The video is fairly dark though, so make sure you have a good place to watch it.



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