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This is some next level ping pong right here

This is some next level ping pong right here

There are people that are good at ping pong, and then there are these people. To be fair, at this point it’s not really ping pong, it’s table tennis, which is way fancier.

It’s tough to really describe some of the shots. It starts out with a few amazing trick shots, then melds into something a little different – it becomes basically a comedy, albeit an incredibly skilled one from people that can pull off some amazing trick shots.

On a side note, if the Olympics ever wants to really highlight ping pong – sorry, table tennis – it should consider a new medal event, something along the lines of competitive table tennis with fans, or synchronized weirdness. It would go a long way to propping up the sport.

Anyway, there’s nothing more to say. Check out the video below and gaze in wonder.



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