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This haunted bar has one weird bartender

This haunted bar has one weird bartender

The Saddle Horn bar in Phoenix, Arizona is not a nice place, historically speaking. The establishment has been around for over 100 years, and in that time there have been at least three violent deaths, possibly more. Two were in the last 20 years.

Assuming you believe in ghosts and hauntings, old bars with a lot of history are a good place to start looking. And according to the owner, Saddle Horn doesn’t disappoint.

There have been stories of hauntings at the Saddle Horn for years, but recently owner Jimmy Olaguez captured footage of what appears to be a little girl playing in the bar after it was closed and locked up. A ghostly little girl. The footage was a hit, so much so that it appeared on the local news.

The girl is said to have fallen to her death 80 years earlier from the roof of a hotel that used to be next door to the bar. It’s unknown if she accidentally fell, jumped, or was pushed. Several have supposedly seen the spirit of the girl. Two other spirits have been seen frequently as well.

Surprisingly – depending on your inclinations, I guess – the spirits have hurt business at the batr and made it tough to keep employees.

Following the appearance of the ghostly little girl, the news station and Olaguez called in paranormal investigators. The team recorded another apparition on the security cameras, this time a large, shadowy figure standing behind the bar. It didn’t seem to be doing anything – it wasn’t knocking bottles over or anything – but it does make for a hell of a creepy figure.

Check it out below, and if you’re ever in Phoenix, well, there are a lot of other bars if you aren’t into ghosts.



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