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This ghost at an impound lot just wants his car back

ghost at an impound lot

Generally when it comes to ghost videos, unless it comes from a professional paranormal team, the videos are generally crap. Either it’s someone that is recording on a cell phone while moving, or it’s a cheap CCTV camera installed by the lowest bidder (or it’s a camera that looks like it was cutting edge in 1993, which is weird).

Occasionally though, there are other sources like this one. The clip below is still captured by a CCTV, but it’s not a crappy one. Well, it’s at least not store bought.

The clip in question is actually somewhat notorious. Last year it was featured on a handful of news websites like the Daily Mail. Granted, that could disqualify it since the Daily Mail is frequently a bag of crap, but the site was just reposting what others had also reported.

The footage was captured by a CCTV camera that belonged to the Espanola, New Mexico police department. The camera was specifically focused on the impound lot. Officer Karl Romero was on duty when he noticed a white blur or mist move across the camera. He notified his superiors and went out to double check the area on tape.

According to Romero, there is no way in or out of the lot without alarms sounding, and the figure was walking in a completely fenced in area.

Over the years others have reported similar incidents in the police building’s lobby and parking lot, and many have reported hearing strange sounds. No one can explain them, but Romero reportedly said there have been unsolved murders in the area.

It could always be a fake, of course, but it would require some fairly sizable balls to fake a ghost and claim it came from a specific police department, then cite members of that police force in national (even international) news. It could also be something technical like an error with the camera, but that doesn’t explain the other sightings in the area – assuming those aren’t fake too.

As with all our videos, take it with a grain of salt, but it is more compelling than when someone just happens to be filming a random window that a ghost then chooses to wander by.



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