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Thief Shows One Way to Win at a Crane Game

Thief Shows One Way to Win at a Crane Game

A thief in Taiwan was caught on camera using an interesting and almost freakish method to win at a crane game and take home a prize.

If you’ve ever played a claw game, you probably know just how frustrating it can be. The prizes inside sometimes feel like they are wedged in there, and the claw itself is so weak that if someone sneezes on the machine, it could drop whatever it is holding. So you can probably in some ways sympathize with the 34-year-old woman in Taiwan who decided to cheat.

The woman, known only as Tsai, apparently tried to win a prize the traditional way several times before taking matters into her own hands. The opening where prizes are dropped is just less than 10 inches wide, but after failing to secure any prizes by sticking a broom inside, Tsai managed to wedge most of her body into the machine. From there it was just a matter of contorting herself into the correct angles to grab her prizes.

And she would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those meddlesome kids cameras.

It took her about half an hour, but she managed to grab seven toys. The business later turned over the video footage to the police, who promptly identified her and came calling.

But wait, it gets a little weirder.

Tsai claims she doesn’t remember any of it, and that at the time she was under the influence of sleeping pills and other medication. She also claimed to have given all of the toys to children in her neighborhood. That could just be an excuse, but she was pretty blatant in her cheating, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to know something else was involved.

Either way, the police weren’t buying it – or maybe they just didn’t care. The woman was charged with theft and the owners were probably taught a valuable lesson about leaving too much room to shove a body through.



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