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These people are better at golf than you are

These people are better at golf than you are

A pair of trick shot experts made a splash on the internet this week by showing that they are better at golf than anyone you know.

Golf trick shots are nothing new to the storied halls of weird videos on the internet, but there’s a reason that they continue to have such staying power. Anyone that has played golf can attest that it’s not an easy game, so seeing someone with astonishing accuracy, capable of hitting the tiniest of targets is both inspiring and a little demoralizing.

Below you’ll find two videos. The first is a clip from Korean golfer, Minju Kim. In it, she uses a driver to hit a golf ball down a bowling alley lane, nearly picking up a pair of strikes.

The video has already raised a lot of questions regarding its authenticity – with self-appointed YouTube experts using their keen deductive skills and analytical reasoning to boldly declare the clip to be “Fake News” (which doesn’t really make any sense in that context, but given that it’s a YouTube clip we’re just glad that it wasn’t also racist). There are a few things working in its favor though.

To begin with, Kim is a registered LPGA professional. That doesn’t instantly make her a trick shot master, but it’s not like it’s just a random person that someone handed a golf club and threw in front of a green screen. It’s also not that inconceivable of a shot. I couldn’t hit it in a million years, but driving a ball low and hard into a target 60 feet away that’s about a yard across and 12 feet tall isn’t totally unbelievable for a pro.

Difficult? Sure. Crazy? Maybe a little. Impossible? Probably not. It’s not even close to being as difficult as the next clip. Check out Kim’s shot below then keep reading.

The second shot comes from trick show specialist Joshua Kelley. It was originally published in June 2016, but the more trick shots the better.

In the clip, Kelley pops the cork of a champagne bottle that his wife is holding. They then pour a few glasses and have some drinks. It’s an incredible clip. Granted, it probably took a lot of attempts, but props to Kelley’s wife for not even flinching as a golf ball rips by, inches from her hand.

So check it out below and start practicing.



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