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There’s an unofficial Metal Gear remake in the works, but will Konami let it happen?

There's an unofficial Metal Gear remake in the works, but will Konami let it happen?

Soon enough, we may find out exactly what type of company Konami really is.

A fan of the Metal Gear series has begun to remake the original, 1987 NES Metal Gear, using the Unreal Engine and a whole lot of patience. They caught the attention of Kotaku, but hopefully it will slide under the eye of Konami.

The fan, who posts under the name “Boker,” is apparently working alone, recreating the original sections of the game in painstaking detail. His/her goal is to remake the game visually and in terms of story (although they didn’t say exactly how they will handle that).

The remake is being developed under the name Outer Heaven, and here’s the description of the project so far:

Outer Heaven is a Metal Gear(MSX) remake with Unreal 4 engine, you will play all original storyline with detailed scenes, details, and places. The gameplay will be like last MGS, but i want make it too with a original perspective like old MGS. Solid Snake, a rookie member of the FOXHOUND special operations unit is sent by his superior Big Boss to the South African fortress Outer Heaven, with the goal of finding the missing squad member Gray Fox and investigating a weapon known as Metal Gear.

It’s an ambitious endeavor, and a very cool one – assuming Konami doesn’t step in and kill it at some point. And with Konami, you never know.

Over the last year, Konami has taken a lot of heat. Some of it is fair, some of it probably isn’t. Barring a tell-all book from a member of Konami’s upper brass – something that isn’t really common among Japanese execs – we’ll probably never know exactly what the hell happened with the developer/publisher.

The big news of the year is that Konami and its most well known – and best-selling – director Hideo Kojima split ways. That’s actually a nice way of saying that Konami seems to have fired Kojima and forced him out of the company.

It was a bizarre and brutal move, especially given that at the time Kojima was still working on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, a title that wasn’t just Konami’s biggest game of the year, but one of the biggest games of the year, period.

Kojima wasn’t just fired, he was erased from Konami. His production company, Kojima Productions, was removed from all promotional material. He was barred from talking about the game at events or to press. He was thrown off Konami’s board. His other game, Silent Hills, was also cancelled. It’s was a brutal treatment, regardless of the reasons behind it.

On top of that, Konami is restructuring. Early reports were that Konami will no longer be developing AAA games (other than the annual soccer series, PES). The publisher will instead focus on mobile titles and gambling machines.

Given the well known properties Konami owns, that would suck for gaming fans. Konami has since denied that, but it doesn’t seem to have any major AAA titled in the works.

You’d think that the publisher wouldn’t have a problem with a fan showing their love for an older game, but Konami is proving itself to be unpredictable. We’ll see how it reacts to an unofficial Metal Gear remake.



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