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Top Gear has a new host

There's a new Top Gear Host

BBC has found its replacement for host Jeremy Clarkson. The British network has officially tapped TV and radio presenter Chris Evans to take over the role of lead host on Top Gear, and he will appear as part of an all-new team that has yet to be named.

Evans probably won’t be recognizable to audiences outside of the UK, but within Britain he is a well known for his radio and TV work. Evans has a history as a media presenter, and his passion for cars is also well known. Coincidentally, that’s part of why he and Clarkson are said to be good friends. It’s not like Evans had anything to do with Clarkson’s firing, but this probably won’t do a lot for their relationship.

Evens was reportedly one of the BBC’s first choices to replace Clarkson, but he initially ruled himself out. He went on to say that while he loved the show, he didn’t want to be a “pawn in a chess game” between Clarkson and the BBC.

Before officially being offered the job again last week, Evans went to Clarkson who wished him the “best of luck.” Evans is said to have signed on for a three year deal, but he was only offered the role after Hammond and May confirmed that they were also leaving the show. The BBC then began to plan for the future. Evans will appear as the lead host, with others – as yet to be announced co-hosts – joining him.

“You were designed and built for that job and it will be great,” Hammond told Evans in a text. “It was also always the BBC’s very best option if you take it up, and I certainly don’t blame you for doing so. Good luck. Richard.”

Evans suggested that May might be interested in returning at some point, but that seems unlikely.

While Evans will headline the new Top Gear, the three outgoing hosts are rumored to be in talks with Netflix to create an original TV show, which is tentatively being called “House of Cars” (although that can and probably will change).

No word on when Evans will get to work, but the final Top Gear episode starring Clarkson will air on June 28. That episode will feature the final segments Clarkson recorded before being fired, cut with Hammond and May linking the segments together.



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