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The World Tag Championships are no joke

The World Tag Championships are no joke

The World Tag Championship is an event that combines parkour and tag, creating an event that is surprisingly intense – given its origins.

If you asked someone to describe the first thing that comes to mind when they think of playing tag, their thoughts will almost certainly drift back to their childhood, when the playground game of tag was a staple of their recess time experience. Tag, however, has evolved.

A group known as World Chase Tag has created a World Tag Championship, which combines the simple and straightforward game of tag with parkour. Two players enter a playground like arena, with one player trying to avoid their opponent who is “it” for 20 seconds. The players will use the obstacles to jump, run over, slide under, and generally use to their advantage one way or another.

It’s a surprisingly intense sport. Anyone could try it, but imagine attempting to put your hands on a person that can clear a chest-high hurdle with barely a stumble, then grabbing a bar and swinging several feet ahead. It would be maddening, and a challenge for all but the fittest – and the most agile.

The championship is completed in segments, with the qualifiers from several assorted events all leading to the 2017 World Tag Championship, which this year is held in London in July.

The event is one of several sports that originated on the playground. Like most others, it probably first attracted average adults looking for a fun and original sport to play, and now it attracts legit athletes that are skilled at their game. Within the last year, we’ve seen the rise of a hide-and-seek league, a professional snowball fight association, and many others. They are no joke.

Check out the pair of videos below. The first is the recap of the recent 2016 World Tag Championships, including each match from the final. The second is a highlight reel from the tournament. Check them out and if you want more, the World Chase Tag YouTube page has you covered.



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