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DC and WB apparently really, really want Chris Pine

DC Chris Pine

If the reports are to be believed, DC and Warner Bros. want Chris Pine. They really want Pine. So much so that the studio is looking at him for two potential roles.

It’s still unconfirmed, but is reporting that Pine is being considered for the role of Green Lantern Hal Jordan. This contradicts earlier reports that claimed Pine was already in talks to play Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman. It also makes a whole lot more sense.

The role of Trevor is basically Wonder Woman’s love interest, and possibly a link between the U.S. government and the Justice League. Even if the role is inflated a bit to suit Pine’s popularity, it is still a supporting role – and a bizarre one at that. In terms of star power, Pine is far more popular and could risk outshining Gal Gadot. It also just seems like a waste for Pine. It would also be a strange deal for WB, given that Pine would probably command a higher salary than Gadot, the star. That’s not unheard of though.

The role of Jordan makes far more sense. Again, file this under “unconfirmed,” but DC and WB are supposedly looking to take the Green Lantern film in a new direction. Rather than having a single Green Lantern as they did in the Ryan Reynolds turd of a film, the new plan would feature several Earth-based Green Lanterns, beginning with Jordan and John Stewart.

This is still just rumor, but some of that is fueled by Tyrese Gibson’s recent hints that he has been in talks with WB for the role, and that Pine is also in the running. Gibson went so far as to post an image of the two of them as Lanterns.

Shit just got real – #doubleoath #doubletrouble #GreenLantern #WB #VoltronPictures

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Pine as Jordan would work on a few levels. It would give him a starring place in the DC universe, and it would allow him to fulfill his other commitments, like the Star Trek movies since there would be other Lanterns to fill the gaps.

It would also give DC another marketable star for Justice League, and give them someone with enough charisma not to be drowned out by the sizable cast. If Pine and Gibson both sign, it would also make financial sense, given that Pine would likely receive a higher salary than Gibson, but they would both bring name recognition.

Plus, Pine would just be kind of perfect for the role.

According to, Pine is leaning towards the Green Lantern role and the franchise possibilities over the supporting role in Wonder Woman. That also raises the question of why and how WB would potentially get in a position where it is competing with itself.

Again, assuming the rumor is true, of course.



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