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The next Call of Duty may be set in the far future

The next Call of Duty may be set in the far future

Although a Call of Duty game hasn’t officially been confirmed for this year, it’s pretty much a given that there will be a Call of Duty game this year, just like there has been one every year since 2003. And given that there are a trio of development studios now working on the franchise, this year’s model will be developed by Infinity Ward.

Just as there hasn’t been a confirmation of a new Call of Duty (yet) for 2016, it hasn’t been confirmed if Infinity Ward will continue the Ghosts series or do something new. Past history has shown that Call of Duty likes to build franchises within the franchise (Modern Warfare and Black Ops being the prime examples), but that was before the series switched from two developers to three. Plus, Ghosts was relatively poorly received – it sold well compared to most franchises and received average to good reviews, but it moved significantly less copies than its predecessor.

A new rumor claims that the next Call of Duty will abandon the Ghosts brand and instead take the series into the future – the far future, with space combat, making it “Full on sci-fi.” If true, it could still be set in the same world as Ghosts, but it seems like the previous storyline – which ended on a cliffhanger of sorts – won’t get resolved.

The rumor began on NeoGAF, and comes from a familiar source: a poster known as Shinobi. Even with a solid track record from the person posting it, one comment on NeoGaf is just a rumor. Soon after the post, however, Eurogamer claims that the rumor corroborates what the outlet has been hearing from industry insiders.

So it is still a rumor, but a rumor with a fair amount of weight behind it.

At the moment, the news of the setting is all we have. Activision usually waits to reveal the new game until late April or early May, so expect to hear more then.



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