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The Madden 18 Super Bowl Pick is Here, and You Won’t be Surprised

The Madden 18 Super Bowl Pick is Here, and You Won’t be Surprised

Each year, Electronic Arts likes to simulate big sporting events using their sports games, and the Madden 18 Super Bowl pick is the latest in a long line

If you are an Eagles fan, Madden 18 has some good news and some bad. But mostly bad.

Each year, Electronic Arts fires up its football game to simulate the Super Bowl. It’s not exactly scientific in its approach, and the game has been wrong before, but it is correct more often than not. This marks the fifteenth annual Super Bowl pick for a Madden game.

So the good news, Eagles fan, is that Madden 18 is predicting a close game that will come down to a final Philly possession where the Eagles have the chance to win. The bad news is that they won’t, at least according to EA. The Patriots will come up with an epic defensive stand, winning the game in the process. Then their little digital avatars went on to thank their deity of choice and someone shouted out how they were going to Disneyland before EA turned the game off and crushed their cyber dreams.

Anyway, you can watch the highlights of the simulated game below if you like, but the bottom line is that Madden 18 is picking the Patriots to repeat as Super Bowl champs thanks to a 24-20 win. No word on whether or not it thinks Bill Belichick will smile or not. Not sure the game has enough computing power to simulate that.

Madden 18 isn’t the only one picking the Patriots to win, so it shouldn’t really come as a surprise to Eagles fans to hear that EA’s game doesn’t really have a lot of faith in Nick Foles and company. But it’s not like Madden is infallible.

With 14 simulations under its belt, Madden has been correct 10 out of 14 times so far, and sometimes it is spot on. The simulation was actually really, really close with its 2017 pick. It didn’t predict the Falcons’ epic meltdown, but it did simulate a last-minute Patriots comeback that would give them the win. The predicted score of 27-24 wasn’t that far off from the actual final score of 34-28, but the year before, Madden 16 had the Panthers beating the Broncos, which didn’t happen.

So don’t go canceling your riot just yet, Eagles fan. You have still have an excellent chance of destroying your town in celebration! Tune in this Sunday when Super Bowl 52 takes over the world.



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