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‘The Last of Us’ movie is “looking good”

The Last of Us Ellie

Back in March 2014, Sony announced that it was working on a film adaptation of the game The Last of Us. Since then, however, there have been a few rumors, but not much movement. According to actress Maisie Williams though, things are “looking good.”

In an interview with IGN, the Game of Thrones actress was asked about her involvement with the film. She replied that she didn’t know much about the game itself, but a Twitter movement pushing for her to play the co-starring role of Ellie made her aware.

“There was a whole thing that went on Twitter [of fans suggesting me for the role],” she explained. “I didn’t know a lot about [the game]. I Googled it. Ashley Johnson — who did Ellie’s voice — [fans] asked her what she thought of me and she said, ‘That’s pretty much my dream.’ I don’t follow her but I was silently stalking her wondering what she thought of all this.”

maisie williams

Maisie Williams

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a virus has mutated the majority of the world’s population, forcing the survivors into camps overseen by a brutal military. When a young girl named Ellie is revealed to possibly hold the key to a vaccine, a grizzled and bitter man named Joel is tasked with safely seeing her through the ruins of America to get her to people that claim they can help.

Along the way the pair survive gangs, cannibals, mutants, and the elements. Through their trials, the pair form a tight bond.

The 17-year old Williams, who currently players Arya Stark on HBO’s Game of Thrones, would play the role of Ellie, with the game’s Director Neil Druckmann writing the script. Sam Raimi is attached to produce, but that’s as far as the film has gone, and even Williams’ involvement is far from confirmed. Based on the interview though, things are looking good.

“And when I got my American agent and he said, ‘If there’s anything you want to do, let us know’ — America’s got such that can-do attitude. That was the first time I came to him with anything,” The British actress said of the project. “So he said he’d set us up for a meeting next time I’m in America. And they did. So I had a meeting with [producer] Sam Raimi and [game director] Neil Druckmann. And they said they’d love if you would moderate the panel at Comic-Con, but you’d need to watch the walk-through and know your s*** because there are massive fans of this and we wouldn’t want it to go wrong.

“I was doing so much work for Thrones that I didn’t want to half-arse do it, so I said I’m not going to [moderate]. They said fine, but they’re gonna announce they had talks. So the way it was left is they want me to do it, and I want to do it. But there’s no script, no director, and no anything else. So at this moment, it’s looking like, ‘Yes,’ but it’s still such early days. If they make it in 30 years, they can’t have a 40-year-old Ellie. So at the moment, it’s looking good, and I’d love to do it. Hell yeah.”

Naughty Dog, the developer of the game, is currently considering a sequel for – presumably – the PlayStation 4, but it is far from certain. According to Druckmann the chances are about 50/50, and the developer will only move ahead if it has a story it considers worth telling.

The next step for the film will likely be to hire a director as soon there is a script everyone is happy with. Once that is done, the casting should begin in earnest. With Williams apparently on board (although she does not have a contract), casting Joel will be the priority. Several outlets have reported that Hugh Jackman is up for the role, but that is just a rumor.



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