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The ghosts of Gettysburg

The ghosts of Gettysburg

Battlefields are weird places. Regardless of what you believe when it comes to the supernatural, it’s hard not to feel a certain aura to them, for lack of a better world.

Maybe it’s just your mind trying to rationalize that you are standing on land where thousands – tens of thousands – of people lost their lives, brutally. There’s just something powerful about walking on fields where so much blood has been spilled – and in many occasions, a lot of the people that spilled their blood are still there.

If they were lucky, they were taken to a nearby graveyard. If not, they were buried where they died.

Although the fields of America haven’t seen quite as much death as those of Europe, there are exceptions – notably, Gettysburg, PA.

The Battle of Gettysburg took place between July 1-3, 1863. More than 165,000 Americans fought there for three days, and the number of dead and wounded was heartbreaking. Around 8,000 people were killed, and the total number of casualties, including the wounded and captured or missing, topped 46,000.

So it really shouldn’t surprise anyone to hear that it is also considered by many to be one of the most haunted places in the U.S.

For decades now, people have reported all manner of weirdness in Gettysburg. Apparitions have been seen, voices have been heard, the smell of gunpowder has been sniffed, and much more.

Gettysburg is also a big place, and the battle covered a huge area. The main battle took place on the fields, but there were skirmishes all around, and troops of both the Union and Confederacy moved everywhere. Some say they still do.

Below is a clip captured by a group that went to Gettysburg looking for some paranormal activity. They weren’t disappointed. The video could be faked, of course, but it’s not that unusual for people to report sightings of the ghosts of Gettysburg. It’s actually somewhat common – at least as far as ghost sightings go.

One of the most frequently reported paranormal encounters there revolve around people seeing what appear to be ghostly troops walking in the woods or near armaments.

Check it out.



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