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The ghost of a little girl haunts this Mexican cemetery

The ghost of a little girl haunts this Mexican cemetery

Somewhere in Mexico, there is a lonely cemetery sitting on the outskirts of a village. There’s a story about this cemetery told by the villagers, and it has attracted the attention of some of the world’s leading paranormal investigators.

For years, the villagers have told stories of a little girl that appears at the cemetery at night. No one knows who she is or why she appears in this particular cemetery, but the sounds of her cries can be heard throughout the area.

She has been spotted too, many times. And there’s something unnatural about her. Starting with her eyes.

The clip below was captured by a Mexican reality TV star that heard of the stories. He and another man went to the cemetery with a camera looking for the girl – or more specifically, they were looking for a ghostly spirit.

When the guy sees the girl, it doesn’t connect at first. He sees and hears a girl, but it is such a normal looking situation – right up until it turns and looks at the man.

The footage is captured in night vision, but the girl/ghost’s eyes are creepy.

This video has been floating around for the last few years, and it’s well known on the paranormal scene. Naturally, there are a lot of people that claim this is fake, but even more think that it is genuine. The incident was recorded for the show Facundo, and aired on national TV in Mexico soon after.

You might think that it’s obviously faked then. A guy looking for TV fame makes a startling discovery. It’s convenient, and the guy has every reason to fake it. There’s more to it though.

The story goes that the guy that recorded it was moved by the encounter, so much so that he went through a severe case of depression after meeting the ghostly girl. He even became something of a recluse. He returned several times to the cemetery after this occurrence, but never saw her again. Many other have though, and her cries are frequently heard.

Check it out below. Fake or not, it’s pretty cool.



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