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The former Top Gear hosts have begun filming, and they are starting out huge

The former Top Gear hosts have begun filming, and they are starting out huge

The former Top Gear hosts – Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond – have begun filming their new show. It doesn’t have a name yet, at least not one that’s been revealed, but we do know what one of their first big segments will be – and it’s big.

If you were worried about the hosts losing access to certain cars because of the move, you can put that worry aside. The trio are currently filming the long promised “Great Hypercar Showdown,” a three way race between Ferrari’s LaFerrari, the McLAren P1, and the Porsche 918 Spyder.

This is something that was in the works back when everyone was still employed by the BBC. The manufacturers continued to come back to Top Gear with a list of very specific demands that were unreasonable, which delayed the race. For example, according to The Verge, Ferrari was happy to race – but only on their own test track.

Based on the pic, the track seems to be the Nurburgring, probably much to the annoyance of James May.

The news came via a tweet from Clarkson, so there isn’t much more to go on. But you know what they say about a picture versus words and such.

A legitimate concern about the new show is that without the clout of the BBC backing them, it may not be the same. Amazon has shown its commitment in the tune of a massive budget, but that doesn’t mean someone like Porsche is going to trust it.

For the three supercar makers to willingly put up their rides for the former hosts shows that their relationship is with Clarkson, May, and Hammond as much as the BBC. And if Ferrari, McLaren, and Porsche are willing to work with the trio, odds are most others will to. In other words, don’t expect the new show to suffer due to a lack of access to vehicles.

There will probably still be some things missing though. The BBC name helped to get the crew into places around the world that other might not have been able to film, which could affect the specials (assuming they still intend to do specials – and they almost certainly will). It’s a lot different for the BBC to request permission to film in somewhere like the Middle East than it would be for Amazon Prime. That may limit the locations the team can shoot, but it’s a big world. Lots of places to strand the hosts in a fun-loving attempt to kill them.

The new show will debut exclusively on Amazon Prime next year. An exact date hasn’t been revealed, but it will consist of a 13-episode season.



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