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The first trailer for Fox’s Lucifer is here, and it looks God awful

Fox's Lucifer

Allow me to break through the AP style wall here for a minute to talk about the upcoming TV show, Lucifer.

When it was first announced that an adaption of Mike Carey’s comic Lucifer was in the works, I didn’t give it a thought. It was a popular comic with a cool angle and a strong pedigree, so hearing that someone bought the rights and was developing it didn’t really mean much. Comics get bought all the time, and most come to nothing.

If you know comics, than you probably already know that Lucifer is a spinoff of Sandman, Neil Gaiman’s quintessential series. Sandman is one of the most important comics ever created. We can argue about that if you disagree, but you’d still be wrong.

In Sandman, Gaiman introduced an interesting take on the familiar character of Lucifer Morningstar, interesting enough that author Mike Carey created a series based on him. Lucifer ran from 75 issues, and depicted the former ruler of hell as brilliant and disdainful of the machinations of others. He had his own plans and destroyed anyone in his way, regardless of the consequences.

It is a unique character steeped in the mythologies of the world that Gaiman defined for the comics, and Carey expanded on. Lucifer also explored the nature of freewill versus predestination, and repeatedly delved into the nature of rebellion. It was complex and thoughtful, and there wasn’t anything exactly like it. The show goes in a slightly different direction.

In the FOX show, Lucifer helps the LAPD to solve crimes.

I had to take a moment to look up synonyms for the word “stupid” when I heard that. I couldn’t find one that fit.

The show takes one of the most interesting characters in comics, turns him into a smartass, then plops him into a procedural show with a plucky and attractive side kick who takes no guff. They will almost certainly have some romantic sparks too because that’s just expected in shows like this.

So you have a guy that is, in theory, the second most powerful person in the Christian religion, a guy that has been either depicted as the king of all evil, or the first rebel depending on your point of view. And the Fox show just ignores all that and makes him a quirky detective with supernatural moxie. He’s no longer Lucifer Morningstar, he’s Dick Lucifer, PI.

I got all that from the synopsis. The trailer, which you can see below, just confirms it. If anything it makes it even worse.

The thing that kills me is that if they wanted to make a procedural dramedy with a wacky Lucifer, the studio shouldn’t have optioned Lucifer. There was no need. Lucifer himself isn’t copyrighted, and the show doesn’t seem to be using the characterization from the comics. The only real reason to claim the comic is to appeal to its fans, and those fans are likely going to be the ones that hate the changes more than anyone.

I like Tom Ellis, the guy that plays Lucifer. I liked showrunner Tom Kapinos’ Californication (at least the first few seasons of it). This show though…

Check it out below and judge for yourself.



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