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The final Rogue One trailer shows a new tone and more rebellion-y action

The final Rogue One trailer shows a new tone and more rebellion-y action

There are only a handful of film properties in existence that could undergo extensive and comprehensive reshoots, and barely miss a beat. Star Wars is definitely one of them.

Earlier this year, following the conclusion of principal photography, reports surfaced that Disney wasn’t happy with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It wasn’t an issue with the director or cast – as many major reshoots are – but rather the tone. The initial cut was a war movie, filled with gritty moments and angst. That was what director Gareth Edwards was hired for, but the results weren’t what Disney was hoping for.

The studio wanted an action/adventure movie in the vein of A New Hope, so it reportedly ordered as much as 40-percent of the movie to be reshot. Another film would have been crippled by this. The costs alone would be prohibitive, and it certainly would have led to huge delays. This is Star Wars though, so Disney opened the checkbook and Edwards got to work lightening the tone.


There is a very good chance that the news of the reshoots was overblown – at least the extent of them. We may never know, barring a director’s cut – which would make sense for another property (more profits = good), but Disney may bury the earlier cut to protect the brand – at least not for years until someone opens up in their autobiography.

Regardless, the new trailer seems to show the shift in direction. The first trailer was somewhat dark, filled with scowls and ominous shots. The new trailer below seems more light-hearted in comparison. It’s good guys fighting bad guys! It’s X-wings fighting TIE-fighters! It’s a daughter seeking her long-lost father! And more Vader!

The first trailer was great. The second trailer was better. Check it out below and look for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on December 16, 2016.



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