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The Escape from New York reboot is alive and well, and it has a screenwriter

The Escape from New York reboot is alive and well, and it has a screenwriter

Back in January it was announced that a remake of the 1981 cult classic Escape from New York was in the works. Or still in the works. Or maybe in the works again, depending on your point of view.

THR is reporting that the project is still moving forward, and it has chosen its screenwriter in Neil Cross.

Cross is best known for his work on British TV, especially the Idris Elba detective vehicle, Luther, which Cross created. He’s also written a few episodes of Doctor Who and Spooks.

Luther is known as a gritty and realistic detective show, featuring protagonists that can generously be called anti-heroes. In some cases they are far from heroic and end up only doing the right things for personal reasons. That seems very much in keeping with the original Escape from New York.

According to the report, Cross beat out several others for the role. No word on a timetable yet, but his hiring is a good sign, especially given the numerous previous attempts to get a remake made.

In 2007, it seemed like a reboot was a sure thing. Gerard Butler was attached to play Snake Plissken, Neal Moritz was set to produce alongside John Carpenter, and the Ken Nolan screenplay was said to be a remake and a prequel all on one.

Nothing specific really happened to the project, it just sort of went away, as films tend to do. Over the years, names were attached and then not, and the project just seemed to be running in place.

Len Wiseman, Brett Ratner, Jonathan Mostow, and Breck Eisner were all said to be set to direct at one point or another, and Jeremy Renner was rumored to be in talks to replace Butler. In 2011, New Line and Warner Bros. declined to pick up the option, but the project was far from dead.

That landed it in the hands of Silver Pictures and StudioCanal, who apparently envisioned the reboot as a trilogy – they have said that they are approaching it in the same way that Rise of the Planet of the Apes relaunched that property. Earlier this year after a bidding war, the project landed at Fox.

Many names have been thrown around as the next Snake Plissken, but no one is attached. That should come relatively soon though, now that the project is on track to have a script to show potentials stars and directors.



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