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Pacific Rim 2 is now an ex-movie (although there is a horrible silver lining)

The dream is dead, Pacific Rim 2 is now an ex-movie

If you are like me and you’ve been holding out hope for Pacific Rim 2, you may just want to skip this article. Just move on and pretend you didn’t see it. Maybe give this video of a kitten in a monkey suit eating a banana a chance.

It appears that Pacific Rim 2 is dead. Mostly. Officially, it’s on hold indefinitely, but that’s pretty much the same thing. No one is working on the film, and the studio behind it has passed. And yet, tortuously, there is a tiny chance a sequel may happen. It is slim to the point of being ridiculous, but that is enough to drive fans crazy.

In many ways, that is so much worse than the movie just being canceled.

Despite a slim hope though, the odds are heavily in favor of the film being done, and it’s probably best that we just accept that and move on. Let’s all just assume the film is the parrot in the Monty Python sketch. Pacific Rim 2 is an ex-movie. It has rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible.

The movie is pining for the fjords.

The news came in somewhat heartbreaking fashion. The Hollywood Reporter was reporting that del Toro is in talks to direct a remake of the 1966 film, Fantastic Voyage. The director had initially planned to begin work on Pacific Rim 2 following Crimson Peak (after spending some time checking in with his TV properties and taking a well earned break), but he is apparently now actively looking for a new project.

Pacific Rim had a strange life at the box office. It was a bomb in the US, taking in just over $101.8 million against a $190 million budget. That alone should guarantee the property was dead, but it then went on to have huge international success, earning $309.2 million overseas alone.

Given Hollywood’s growing obsession with international audiences, Pacific Rim 2 seemed to have a chance. Not a great chance given that there are plenty of other films that are successful in both the US and internationally, but a chance.

The first film was flawed, but still fun to watch, and it earned a loyal following. Plus, the story could have led to a whole lot more. Del Toro had planned on exploring the universe further, and potentially making not just one sequel, but at least two. Pacific Rim 2 was looking to potentially be released in 2017, with a third film coming in 2019 or 2020.

Universal was on the fence about continuing the franchise, and for a while, things looked good – or at least not terrible. It has put the project “on hold, indefinitely” though, which is the kiss of death.

With all of that said, THR has a horrible silver lining that will likely drive fans nuts. The sequel could, in theory, be revived one day thanks to its new owners. Although Universal distributed and financed the film, it was developed by Legendary, which is about to be acquired by the Chinese company Wanda.

Pacific Rim was a big hit in China. So there is a chance. Not really, but there’s a chance (but not really).



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