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A few tips and tricks to get you started in ‘The Crew’

The Crew tips and tricks

The online massively multi-player racing game The Crew is big. And not just kinda big, but big. The game can eat your life if you aren’t prepared for it, and you can waste hours that could be better spent. To help you navigate it, we have a few The Crew tips and tricks to help get you going.

These tips are meant to help you get going and develop a strategy more than take you to the end. It takes dozens of hours to get anywhere near the end of this game, so we’ll be back with more tips and tricks in the future. If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments below.

Don’t explore just yet

In The Crew, the only way to reveal the shaded portions of the map is to drive through them. Once you have a car and no specific directions, you may be tempted to take a drive and uncover the map.

Don’t do it, at least not at first.

It’s relaxing to drive from Detroit to Los Angeles and check out the beach, but it will take you a long, long time to get there, and the further you go the less stuff you’ll have to do. More importantly though, there aren’t a lot of experience points to be earned by exploring. You can pick up a few points here and there for discovering landmarks, but only a few. You’ll also hit a wall early on as the skills are locked until you reach a certain level. If you see a Skill on the map that is red,it means you can’t access it yet.

There’s no real reason not to explore if you really want to, but it can wear you out quickly. Besides, you’ll eventually make your way across the country as you progress.

Plan ahead by 10s

The Crew tips and tricksThe Crew features a leveling system, and there are milestones you’ll pass on the way – specifically every time you hit the 10th, 20th, 30th, and 40th levels. Every 10th level up to 40 unlocks a new class of car that presents itself as a “package.” You should plan ahead for each new package.

The first class you unlock at level 10 is “Dirt.” Since it comes as a package, you can add it to whatever type of car you own that features the potential of being a Dirt car. To check this, you can go to your HQ and look at the board that shows you all the cars you can buy. Once you’ve seen a car in a dealership, you can then buy that car from your HQ at any time, and under each car is a list of what class the car can be upgraded to. Use this to your advantage.

Before you hit any of the milestone levels, go to your garage. If there is a particular type of car you want to upgrade to a particular class, buy it and wait to hit that level. Once you do reach it, equip the car you bought, then complete the mission waiting for you. You’ll be taken to a garage and offered a free performance upgrade.

For Dirt cars it really won’t matter much since you won’t have many options, but the later upgrades should be prepared for. The most important of these is arguably the performance upgrade at level 20.

For the level 30 “Raid” and level 40 “circuit” upgrades, you should have enough money and a fair amount of the map already opened. It’s just a matter of choosing what car you want. Level 20 though is in a gray area.

Before you hit level 20, consider hitting one of the airports you’ve unlocked and heading to Los Angeles. Once there find the car dealership. You won’t be able to afford all the cars there, but you can significantly step up your whip, then upgrade it even more with the level 20 upgrade.

Put it like this: would you rather have a nice Ford Mustang with a performance package that makes it go fast, or a Ford GT with the upgrade that makes it go really, really fast. It’s not vital, but hot damn that tuned up Ford GT flies.

Earn XP the Old Fashioned Way

The Crew tips and tricksThe Skills challenges littered throughout the world of The Crew are not only a good distraction as you move around the world, they are vital to your progression in the story.

Missions and challenges require you to be at a certain level to access them. That level constantly changes, but it always increases as the game progresses. If you are busy focusing on just the story missions, you’ll hit a wall fairly early on where you’ll need to level up to continue. Skills are the fastest and easiest way to do this.

When you find a Skill challenge or a particular mission you like that has a big XP reward, you can go back and replay it for additional experience. This can be particularly useful if you finish a mission like a race, which has tiered rewards based on how you do and generally gives you a ton for finishing first.

If you find a race that you are just crushing your opponents, replay it a few times in a row. The more you race a course, the easier it gets and you’ll rack up points and levels quickly.

Choose Your Faction

The Crew tips and tricksThere are a total of five factions in The Crew, although when you first start off they will all be locked. To open up all five, you’ll need to make your way through the story and unlock each of the five regions of the United States.

To unlock the first two factions and start faction battles, you’ll need to leave the Midwest behind and tackle the mission that send you into the East region. Once you’ve completed it and opened up the area a bit, you’ll have the choice of choosing one of the first two factions. As you head South you’ll unlock another, then another for the Mountain States and then the fifth faction comes when you reach the West Coast.

The factions are all the same, just with different names. Where they differentiate themselves is how many people choose each one. At the end of the month, the faction that has the most points in each region – determined by people with that faction tag completing faction specific missions, designated as such on the map – will receive special rewards, including bonus missions.

The faction missions can be located on the map, but pay attention to the duration of these missions.Some will just take you a few minutes, but others can last an hour or more. Be prepared.

One is the Most Profitable Number

The Crew tips and tricksWhile many of the missions can be made far easier by the inclusion of other players via co-op, there is one notable exception to this: races. If you jump into a story mission that turns out to be a race, and other real life players join you, you may find yourself at a significant disadvantage depending on their level compared to yours.

It won’t negatively impact you to finish second behind another player as long as you beat the CPU players, but you won’t receive as many points as if you came in first solo. If the race was easy and you are confident you can win on your own, go back and play it again solo to nab the higher experience.

Pick Your Perks Wisely

The Crew tips and tricksThe more regions you officially unlock through story progression, the more options you’ll have to spend the perks you earn through leveling up on. There really is no wrong way to distribute your points, but make sure you know what you are buying. If you want to wait a bit, feel free. The points won’t go anywhere, and you can purchase perks at any time by returning to your HQ.

The perks will be offered by various NPCs you come across in the game, but who sells what is mostly arbitrary. Choose the perks you want based on your particular style of driving and how you play the game.

That said, some are more useful than others. The upgraded XP perk is an easy buy, as are the enhancements to the driving mechanics like braking and handling. Others like satellite navigation are also a good thing to have, but you can probably wait a bit on discounts for parts and the like – these will be more useful later in the game when your equipment is pricier. If you’ve been hoarding points and you are planning on a major shopping spree it might be worth upgrading those discount perks first, but there are more important things to own.

One perk that you may want to invest in early is the mobile repair. It costs a lot, but it’s nice to have it in case of emergencies, especially if you are hooked up with a crew doing multiple missions. It beats heading back to the HQ.

Upgrade Your Whip

The Crew tips and tricksAfter purchasing a new car, your first stop should be to the car tuner of your choice different tuners specialize in different classes of cars, so choose the type of parts you want. It might cost you some scrilla, but you’ll instantly be glad you did. After you’ve bought the parts you want, put some time into upgrading it further by winning new parts.

On the map you can find the rewards you’ll receive for missions, skills, etc. listed next to the event. Find your weak spots on the car, fast travel to the location of the event, and earn the parts you need by completing that challenge. It won’t take a ton of time, and it will make the difference between having a good car and a great one. The better you do in the event, the better your part, so don’t hesitate to replay it over and over until you earn the piece you want.

Money, Money, Money

The Crew features two types of money: “Bucks” and “Crew Credits.” Bucks are the in-game currency you’ll earn by competing missions, PvP, Skills, etc. Bucks are the lifeblood of the game and your primary means for buying new cars and upgrades. The other currency, Crew Credits, are microtransactional and require you to purchase them with real money.

If you are against spending real money in the game, treat the Crew Credits as a one-time bonus. When you first join a faction, you’ll earn 100,000 Credits. You can use these to purchase just about anything, but since you’ll receive them early, consider saving them for a car.

The west coast dealerships have a few high powered rides you can snag early on. Test drive a few, choose your favorite, buy it with Credits, then forget about them.

More The Crew Tips and Tricks coming soon!

We’ll update this list frequently, so check back. In the meantime, let us know if you have any suggestions or tips of your own!



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