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The 12 Doctors of Christmas, puppet-style

The 12 Doctors of Christmas, puppet-style

The Doctor Puppet team released a new holiday video featuring the 12 Doctors of Christmas, as interpreted by a series of puppets.

Doctor Who is back! Kind of! Well, sort of!

With the final episode of the Peter Capaldi era looming, we have a little something something to help get you in the right frame of mind to say goodbye to 12 and help to Whitaker’s 13.

The group known as the Doctor Puppet team is back with a new Christmas video titled The 12 Doctors of Christmas, featuring – as the name suggests – all 12 Doctors. And yes, they are all in puppet form.

The team made a name for itself a while back with its puppet adventures of the 11th Doctor, which began roughly three years ago. They have since gone on to do several videos for multiple Doctors. Unsurprisingly, they have recently focused on the 12th Doctor. The clip was from 2016 so no sign of Whitaker, sadly. You’ll have to wait for the last minutes of the upcoming Christmas special for that.

The new clip is a nice little blast of Doctor Who, as well as a nice Christmas clip. If you want more actual live-action Doctor Who, the Christmas Special “Twice Upon a Time” is just weeks away. The series will then return with Whitaker and Chris Chibnall at the helm, possibly in late 2018.



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