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Royal Thai police called in to fight a malevolent female ghost

Thai police called in to fight a malevolent female ghost

The Royal Thai Police have been called to help villagers in the rural Thailand community of Amnat Charoen, after a series of attacks from what local claim is a malevolent female ghost.

If you ever find yourself with an unyielding desire to see real evidence of the paranormal, and you happen to have a little money to burn, you might consider hopping on the next plane to Thailand then heading to the village of Amnat Charoen in the eastern part of the country. The residents there may even be grateful for the help.

Earlier this week, the Royal Thai Police were called in to help the villagers battle what locals are calling a “phi pob,” a malevolent female ghost known to possess people. Villagers are reporting that the phi pob has killed four cows and caused four border police to fall ill, leading them to ask the national police force for assistance.

And before you write this off as just another internet story, it was initially reported by the respectable English language Thai site Khaosod English, and then picked up by BBC News.

Of course, that doesn’t in itself prove anything other than the fact that the villagers are legitimately freaked out. There may be a logical explanation for the deaths and illnesses – a virus or poison, or even just bad luck for instance – but the villagers are convinced it is a phi pob.

According to folklore, a phi pob is a ghost with the ability to possess humans and ruin entire villages. Stories of phi pob activity are common in Thailand, and every year there are reports from rural communities claiming activity from a phi pob. Many are quickly written off as people looking to excuse their criminal behavior, but there are enough wild stories that the legends persist. The phi pob are one of at least 20 spirits said to roam the Thai countryside, although most aren’t considered to be as vile.

Of course, not everyone in the village believes in the phi pob, but most seem to welcome the Royal Police to at least help calm the locals and restore order. The police have begun their patrols and will stay for a while, at least.

This might end with several rather annoyed Royal Thai Police officers standing around the rural town, but in some ways, the organization has no one to blame but itself – the Royal Thai Police’s motto is “There’s nothing under the sky that the Thai police cannot do.”



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