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And now, Terminator 2 recreated in GTAV because the internet is a magical place

And now, Terminator 2 recreated in GTAV because the internet is a magical place

A video featuring Terminator 2 recreated in GTAV, courtesy of a Russian gamer and modder, appeared on YouTube and it is amazing.

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V is a remarkable game, especially the online component, GTA Online. It is the type of game that is only limited by the creativity of the people playing it, which means there is a lot of variety. Whether you are playing the heists, the various missions, or testing whether or not 100 people can stop a jump jet, you have plenty of options.

That includes things like, say, recreating the entire film Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

The video was created by the Russian group Kramer’s Media, which explains why the language is dubbed over. The clip is also an accelerated version of the film; the GTAV version clocks in at just over one hour, while the real film is around two hours and 17 minutes.

Despite that, the video is mostly a shot for shot remake. It was created in GTAV and GTA Online, but it also uses several mods that allow it to go well beyond what most players have access to. It is a testament to the game, but even more so to the team that took the time to painstakingly recreate the music, down to the cinematic angles.

This isn’t the first recreation Kramer’s Media made using GTAV, not even close. It has a library full of cool clips, including a Dukes of Hazard recreation, a remake of Crysis, and several other Terminator 2 clips, all of which are likely cut into the clip below. Check it out, then rush off to watch the real movie, you know you want to.



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