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Take a Moment to be Glad you aren’t on This Plane that Landed Sideways

Take a Moment to be Glad you aren’t on This Plane that Landed Sideways

Video of a commercial flight that landed sideways during a storm in the United Kingdom is both incredible and a little horrifying.

We’ve all had some bad travel experiences at one point or another. From busses that smell like something died in the back to mysterious “mechanical issues” that keep planes grounded for indefinite periods of times, there is no shortage of reasons to never leave your house. And if you ask the group of travelers on a recent flight that landed in the UK during a powerful storm, you’ll probably find a few people that are reconsidering their long-term travel plans.

TIU Airlines flight TOM6561 from Menorca, Spain to Bristol, England arrived just in time to contend with “Storm Callum,” a massive weather event that killed at least one person in October 2018. The plane, a Boeing 757-200, if that means anything to you, was being battered by rain and winds so fierce that it caused the plane to come in at a steep angle, almost sideways. Thankfully, this is a “wow, that’s awesome” kind of story, and not a “check out this snuff film” thing.

The flight manages to land almost without a hitch, like this sort of things is normal. You can almost hear the ads saying “it’s just another Wednesday for TIU,” but there were probably more than a few darkened pants when the passengers finally disembarked.

The flight was captained by Brenda Riepsaame Wassink, a 13 year veteran of TIU who probably deserves a medal – if commercial airlines do that sort of thing. Maybe she’ll get a couple of drink vouchers or something. Wassink became a captain in 2017, and if this is any indication, she will go far. Does TIU have majors? TIU General Wassink has a nice ring to it. Passenger planes are getting better and better, but this is still an amazing example of flying skills.

Check it out below.



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