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Here’s how to survive inside a falling elevator

Here's how to survive inside a falling elevator

If you are ever in a position where the worst happens and you find yourself in a free fall, here’s how to survive inside a falling elevator.

Although there is no specific name for the phobia, the fear of elevators is a relatively common one. People that suffer from claustrophobia are especially susceptible to being enclosed in an elevator, but there is also a fairly common fear of the elevator plunging down the shaft, sending people to their deaths.

Deaths caused by an elevator fall are extremely rare. In 2011, it was estimated that there are 18 billion passenger trips made in a year, and despite that number, in the same year only 27 people died during those trips. That means every time you ride in an elevator, the chances of dying are 0.00000015-percent. Statistically speaking, you have a much higher chance of being struck by a meteorite.

Still, the fear isn’t uncommon. And if you are one of the statistically “lucky” ones and you are in a situation where there is a failure and you begin to fall, here is how to survive inside a falling elevator, according to physics.

The clips was created by Business Insider, and it shows the best position for survival – relatively speaking. Of course, if you are in a skyscraper and the elevator plummets straight down without anything slowing it, the best position may be with your head between your legs so you can kiss your ass goodbye. If the elevator is just a few stories up though, you have a chance.

For your best chances of survival, you should lie flat on your back in the center of the elevator. The goal is to distribute your weight as evenly as possible to spread out the impact.

Again, this will only work if the cart isn’t too high up. Check out the clip below and hope you never have to test this out. If you do, please let us know how it goes! After you get out of the hospital, of course.



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