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Sure, this video of a ghost may be fake, but it’s still awesome

Blackburn ghost on video

We live in a world where skepticism is the default setting for watching incredible videos on the Internet. That may be a good thing for our society – otherwise we’d all think UFOs were buzzing SoCal and ninjas just hang out on the street, kicking it – but it does make it a little tougher to appreciate this type of clip.

The video below was posted on YouTube and picked up by HuffPo on its way to being seen over half a million times. It supposedly shows the “Blackburn Ghost,” and if real, it is extra, super freaky.

According to the info provided on YouTube, the clip was recorded on a deserted road between Blackburn and Belmont in Lancashire, England. The car supposedly slowed when it saw a person in the distance walking on the side of the road. As the car neared, the “ghost” turned and began walking towards the car.

The clip then shows the ghost – dressed in all white with long, stringy black hair, using a walking stick – shuffle after the car at a fairly impressive speed, as the driver tries to reverse away. In the background, you can hear someone in the car yelling in Arabic, “Move the car backwards!”

The story of the Blackburn ghost dates back to January 1643, following the execution of a monk in Blackburn. There have been countless stories of the ghost appearing and terrorizing travelers ever since, and the spottings are said to be more common in late fall and early winter.

So yeah, the video is probably fake. The most recent posting, the one that has over 500K views, was posted on January 8, but there is an earlier upload of it from back on December 8. On top of that, the video was presented on YouTube. You could post a clip of kittens frolicking with puppies and people would crap all over it and claim it was fake – and half the time they’d be right.

So what was it? A part of a student film? A deliberate attempt at making a fake viral video? A specter from hell that just marked over half a million viewers for death? Who knows. It’s still cool. Check it out.



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