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Broken Lizard needs your help (and money) to make Super Troopers 2

Super Troopers 2 crowdfunding

It was actually kind of hard to find a lead to start this article off. I went through about three variations of the “meow” joke (Broken Lizard needs your help right meow!, etc., etc). I even dropped a snozberries reference that felt weird. In the end though, I just said the hell with it and reported it as news.

Yes, I’m a little disappointed in myself, but there are other stories to cover, and this one speaks for itself anyway.

So, if you are reading this article the odds are good that you remember the comedy troupe Broken Lizard’s 2001 comedy-turned-cult classic, Super Troopers. If not, I have no idea why you are reading this article, let alone this far into it. Thanks?

The film propelled the members of Broken Lizard on to fabulous fame and wealth! Well, moderate fame and maybe a nice car, but it was a hit. Super Troopers didn’t exactly threaten Avatar at the box office, but it made over $28 million on a $1.2 million budget. Anything that can make a profit of around $22 million is a success, no matter the scale.

Broken Lizard has since gone on to make other films of moderate success, and many of the individual members have done well both in front of and behind the scenes. They are reteaming now though, and they are looking for the support of their fans.

“We finally have the chance to make Super Troopers 2,” Broken Lizard member Jay Chandrasekhar told Variety. “But since we refused to write a sequel where the highway cops have morphed into super hero-vampires, Fox Searchlight proposed the following deal: They’ll release the film, but we have to raise all of the money. So we’ve turned to Indiegogo and our fans to prove that it’s finally time for Super Troopers 2 to get made.”

The goal is to raise $2 million. If it hits that goal, the movie will be made. Anything over that and it will just make for a bigger movie.

There are also plenty of perks you can earn, including the actual police cruiser for $35,000, or you can have the cast members show up at a wedding of your choosing for $25,000. Perhaps more reasonably, you can read the script for $10.

The campaign shouldn’t have any trouble making its goal. It crossed the $1 million mark in half a day and is nearing $1.8 million at the time of this article’s publication. With 31 days left, the only real question is how big of a budget will they end up with?

Check out the Super Troopers 2 crowdfunding campaign page for more info and to contribute.

And while you’re there, if, ya know, you have a few extra dollars floating around, there’s another campaign that could always use your help



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