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Here’s how you beat ‘Super Mario World’ in 6 minutes (Spoiler: you cheat)

super mario bros speedrun world record

If you played Super Mario Bros. on the Super-NES back in the day, but never managed to beat it, and if that failure haunts you, you’re in luck. Dust off your old console and check out how you can beat the game in just under six minutes, maybe less.

If you follow gaming – like, really follow gaming – then you probably know at least a little about the somewhat new community of speedrunners. These players take old video games and attempt to beat them as fast as humanly possible.

They generally accomplish their runs by complete memorization of the game, paired with incredible reflexes developed through years of practice and dedication (along with finding the odd glitch). They do it for pride, they do it for bragging rights, and they do it to become the top of their community.

And like any community built around competition, there are always people finding ways to push things to the next level.

The video below was posted by YouTuber “SethBling,” and shows how he beat Super Mario Bros. in five minutes and 59 seconds, setting the console world record for beating the game. He accomplishes this by building off of the Super Mario Bros. emulator world record of five minutes, accomplished by “Jeffw365.”

To be fair to other speedrunners, it is an extreme glitch. Neither Jeffw365 nor SethBling actually cruise through the 1990 SNES game and take out the bosses, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive. Far from it.

SethBling explains how he is doing what he is doing in a voice over recorded after the run was originally streamed. To put it in very basic terms, he hacks the game as he is playing it.

By completing a very particular set of moves in a very specific order, he fools the game into thinking that he beats it. It involves an incredible amount of knowledge about how the game was programmed. So while technically anyone can complete the run in the same way, it takes someone fairly gifted to devise how it is done (not to mention practiced reflexes).

First, check out the six minute run where he explains in detail how it works, then keep reading after the jump.

According to PC World, SethBling went back and redid the run on Twitch, setting a new world record of four minutes and 49 seconds. You can watch it below. It makes a lot more sense if you watch the longer video first though.

God knows what will happen when people figure out glitches like these and try to use them on an AI Mario that can think for himself. The apocalypse probably won’t be far behind.



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