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Deathstroke may appear in ‘Suicide Squad,’ and a new Rick Flag frontrunner emerges

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The highly publicized search for a replacement for Tom Hardy in Suicide Squad has apparently narrowed to two. That casting may also expand to include the character of Deathstroke.

Hardy originally signed on to appear as Rick Flag, the field leader of the team, but has since backed out. Immediately following Hardy’s departure, Jake Gyllenhaal was offered the role, but the actor passed.

joel_edgertonThere have been conflicting accounts as to why Hardy left. Initially it was said to be due to scheduling conflicts, thanks in part to Hardy’s current film The Revnant running late, followed by a heavy publicity tour for Mad Max: Fury Road.

Later reports, however, suggested that after Will Smith signed on as Deadshot and Jared Leto agreed to play the Joker, their roles were vastly expanded in the script, partly at the cost of the character of Flag. Hardy wasn’t content to go from star to minor supporting character, and so he left.

Jon_Bernthal_2014The truth is probably somewhere in between. We may never know the entire story, but the result is the same. Hardy is gone, and the studio is looking for a replacement.

According to Cinema Blend, the front runners to replace Hardy are Joel Edgerton (Right top; Exodus: Gods and Kings, Zero Dark Thirty) and Jon Bernthal (Right middle; Fury, The Walking Dead). Some reports claim that Edgerton is the front runner, but that is unconfirmed.

Of course, this all rumor. And in keeping with that, another rumor claims that the jam packed film will also feature the character of Deathstroke.

Joe-ManganielloDeathstroke has not been confirmed to appear in the film, but the front runner is said to be Joe Manganiello (Right bottom; True Blood, Sabotage). The actor recently worked with Suicide Squad director David Ayers in Sabotage, giving him a possible leg up – assuming the character is actually in the film.

Actor Gary Sinise (CSI: NY, Apollo 13) is also said to have been cast, although his role is unknown. One rumor has him as General Wade Eiling. Given that the studio has yet to confirm the casting, the role is a definite rumor.



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