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Street Fighter II and piñatas mashup surprisingly well

Street Fighter II and piñatas

A new video combines the game Street Fighter II and some piñata mishaps, with some hilarious and painful results. Street Fighter II and piñatas mashup

Well, here’s a mashup you probably never thought to look for: Street Fighter II and piñatas. But this is the age of the Internet. Nothing should ever really surprise us anymore. Hell, just the other day there was a mashup of the Notorious B.I.G. and the 90s puppet-based show, Dinosaurs. 

The clip was posted earlier this week by Marca Blanca, and then made its way to Geekologie. The video takes some hilariously painful piñata fails and combines them with graphics and sound effects from the Capcom fighting game.

Ah, remember the old days when you had to physically drag yourself to a TV and watch shows like America’s Funniest Home Videos in order to revel in the pain of others? We even had to wait for the program to actually air at its appointed time, had to look up the shows in actual books and magazines, like savages.

[Editors Note: For our younger readers, books and magazines are those things made of paper with words on them, sort of like a tablet frozen while an e-book program is open.]

Anyway, check out the pain of others and laugh, safe in the assumption that it could easily be you next time.



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