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Despite all odds and logic, the Steve Jobs biopic has a trailer

Steve Jobs trailer

After a whole lot of reshuffling, the Steve Jobs biopic is back on track. To prove it, Universal has released the first trailer for the movie.

It’s something of a miracle that this film wasn’t scrapped about a dozen times along the way. The film has swapped leading men several times, lost its initial director, and even switched studios. And yet somehow it managed to land on its feet.

The original idea for this film was to reunite the team behind The Social Network. Director David Fincher, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, and producer Scott Rudin were all attached. The reunited team even made it so far as to begin the casting process.

At one point or another, pretty much ever A-list actor was rumored to be considered for the role of Steve Jobs. Christian Bale was reportedly landed the role, but then Fincher left over a dispute with Sony Pictures over the film’s marketing and his salary. Bale left with him.

By all logic, losing a director like Fincher should be an almost insurmountable blow for what is a relatively low budget film, but then Sony landed Oscar-winner Danny Boyle as his replacement. Soon after Bale was rumored to be back in the mix as well.

Bale wasn’t attached for long though, and the casting circus continued. The role eventually went to Michael Fassbender, and things looked good. Then Sony backed out.

After losing an A-list director, an A-list actor, and its studio, you could make a good case that this film is doomed. Yet somehow it kept going, and landed at Universal. Shockingly, the film has survived, and now we have our first look at it.

The trailer seems to suggest that the film will focus on a Jobs’ life as a whole. There are flashes of the relationship between Jobs and Steve Wozniack, Jobs being forced out of Apple, and his triumphant return. It looks like it goes beyond the “Jobs is awesome” take on things though, and questions both his role in the creation of Apple, and his kinda despicable treatment of the daughter he initially refused to accept.

Check out the Steve Jobs trailer, and expect to see more soon, as Steve Jobs hits theaters on October 9, 2015.



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