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Star Wars light show blows minds (and probably electric bills)

Star Wars light show

Fancy yourself a Star Wars fan? Well, that leaderboard is fairly difficult to break onto. If you need proof of that, check out the video below showing one house’s descent into sweet, amazing, synchronized Star Wars madness.

Originally posted on Epic Stream, the house has been featured on ABC’s The Great Christmas show, and twice on ABC’s Good Morning America. And maybe from space.

YouTube user “Tom BetGeorge” recently posted a video of his house covered in Christmas lights, but that is just the setting of the stage. He synced those lights to his favorite music from the Star Wars movies – and not just “kind of synched,” but synced the music down to the individual notes on the illuminated instruments highlighting the correct notes.

All in all, the setup contains 100,000 lights running on 12,500 channels. The house’s owner built the props himself using wood, metal, acrylic, and corrugated plastic. The creator is a music teacher for a local Conservatory in Oakland, CA, and the instruments are up to 19′ tall.

I sequenced the show using LOR, mixed the music/sound effects with Digital Performer, and filmed it using a 35′ lift at 3am 🙂 This is now my second year decorating. I built all the props using wood, metal, acrylic and corrugated plastic. I am a music/teacher director for a living (COVA Conservatory in Oakland and Centerville Presbyterian Church in Fremont), hence the massive instruments! If you look closely (especially during the Cantina song) the instruments are playing the real notes! The beams can be seen for miles but I went out of my way to avoid shining the beams on houses and flight paths.

According to “BetGeorge,” his neighbors are on board with the light show. Which is fortunate, since he runs it from 6 pm to 10 pm daily. It may be justifiable homicide if the neighbors hated it. No matter how big a Star Wars fan you are, that amount of light and sound could drive anyone mad with the holiday spirit – or maybe spirits. A display like this would be enough to drive even the biggest Star Wars fan to drink.

BetGeorge goes on to say that the house helps to raise money for the poor and homeless through his church, which appeases those around him. Or maybe he just blinds them as they approach with the torches and pitchforks.

The music selected features at least one song from each of the six Star Wars films. Maybe next year he can make that seven films, as the soundtrack for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens may be out in time, leading up to its December 18, 2015 release.

No word on BetGeorge’s light bill, which is probably about the same as the reward for a kidnapped princess.



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