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Starfleet gets funky when Star Trek meets Daft Punk

Starfleet gets funky when Star Trek meets Daft Punk

Star Trek: The Motion Picture is a weird movie. It has some redeeming qualities and over the years hardcore Trekkers have softened to it, even giving it a bit of a cult following within the Trek community, but it’s not a good film. It just isn’t. Still, it has its moments.

To highlight the good, a filmmaker named Patrick Collins recut the 132-minute movie down to a bite-sized 22-minutes, and recut it all with parts of Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy soundtrack. The new clip is titled Star Trek: Legacy, and it’s really good.

The clip focuses on the trippy special effects and mutes some of the dialogue, but surprisingly it works and will probably get people to consider watching the original again.

“A 22 minute Recut of ‘Star Trek-The Motion Picture’ set to Daft Punk’s modern original score for ‘Tron: Legacy,’ Collins wrote along with the original video posting. “I always thought the two film’s scores were very reminiscent of one another and I wanted to use that to give this recut a more updated feel while still maintaining some aspect of the pacing and staging of the original (very long) film and it’s big special effect scenes.”

The 1979 Star Trek: The Motion Picture was something of a mess from the start, featuring constant rewrites, even on set. The script was originally meant to be the pilot to a re-launched Star Trek TV series known as “Phase II,” and director Robert Wise was forced to rush the film. Its theatrical cut wasn’t completed until days before the movie’s premiere, and even then, Wise stated that he considered the completed film a rough draft. Still, it performed well enough at the box office to merit a sequel with a smaller budget. And from there, Star Trek was unstoppable.

On the musical side, Daft Punk’s soundtrack made an average movie seem significantly better. A third Tron sequel was considered, canceled, then considered again. The current belief is that if there is another Tron film, it will be a reboot.

Together, however, they actually fit well together. Check out the 22-minute clip below.

Star Trek: Legacy from Patrick Collins on Vimeo.



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