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Star-Lord and Captain America make a bet over the Super Bowl

Star-Lord and Captain America make a Super Bowl bet

So Star-Lord and Captain America made a bet over the Super Bowl. That may sound like the start of a joke, but it really happened.

According to CBS Sports, actors Chris Pratt and Chris Evans took to Twitter to make a bet over the outcome of what bars are legally required to refer to only as the “Big Game.” Pratt is a lifelong Seattle Seahawks fan, while Evans is a Boston native and Patriots supporter.

So yeah, Captain America is apparently a big Patriots fan. Go figure.

The smack talk began on Twitter, with Evans calling out Pratt.

Pratt wasn’t about to let that go:

That’s when the bet kicked in:

Pratt took the initiative and turned the bet into a good cause. And a minor humiliation for Evans.

Evans accepted, and made a similar bet with Pratt.

If you haven’t been following the sporting news recently, the Patriots are in the crosshairs for allegedly deflating footballs during the AFC Championship against the Colts, in order to make them easier to handle in the rain.

Given the NFL’s razor sharp investigative abilities, it might take weeks or months to conclude that they have no idea. In the meantime though, it makes talking smack almost too easy.

The Super Bowl takes place in… well, if you don’t know, then you probably don’t care.



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