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More Spidey news: Sinister Six still in development, and Spidey to debut in ‘Civil War’

spider-man in civil war

Now that the spider-cat is out of the Marvel bag, and Spider-Man is officially becoming part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you can expect a whole bunch of reports about who is in contention to play Spidey, what his suit may look like, if he is old enough to shave, etc., etc.

Here’s a fairly relevant story to kick things off: when the new and improved Marvel-ified Spidey may first appear. If Vegas were betting on it (and someone somewhere probably is), the best odds would be on Spidey first appearing as part of the MCU in Captain America: Civil War.

Well, save your money. A new report from the WSJ claims that Spidey will indeed first appear in Civil War.

The third Captain America film is looking less and less like a Cap movie, and more like Avengers 2.0. Robert Downey Jr. will co-star as Tony Stark, probably leading to a Cap vs Iron Man showdown. It will also feature the return of Falcon, Black Widow, Winter Soldier, the bad guy Crossbones, and maybe even Nick Fury.

On top of that, there’s a chance Baron Zemo will appear, Hydra may pop up, and the Black Panther is going to be introduced. You can now add Spider-Man to that.

No word on the running time of the film, but six hours seems about right for that much material.

Spidey will then appear in his own, solo film on July 28, 2017, as part of the Marvel universe. He could appear in a few other Marvel films too (we have some ideas on that).

Another report from WSJ also confirmed that Sony’s plans to create Spider-Man spin-off movies is at least partly still on track. No word on whether or not Venom is still in the works, but Sinister Six is apparently in development.

The Sinister Six film is tentatively set for November 2016, with Drew Goddard still attached to write and direct. According to the report, the studio is rethinking its plans, but moving ahead.

If you read between the lines, you can assume that the Sinister Six will also receive the Marvel treatment. Given that the deal between Sony and Marvel allows for established Marvel characters to appear in Sony produced films, that may mean a serious “rethinking” is in order.

Tune in next time, same Spidey-time, same Spidey-website for more info.



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