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If the Space Race were told through clickbait headlines

If the Space Race were told through clickbait headlines

In the third in our series, we discuss what it would look like if the Space Race were told through clickbait headlines. In short, it would be silly.

Welcome back to our ongoing series where we look at what major historical moments would have looked like if they were told using the current style of clickbait headlines. In this edition, we focus on what it might have looked like if the Space Race were told through clickbait headlines.

We’ve made no secret of our dislike of clickbait headlines. That’s not to say we are completely blameless when it comes to using them, but we try not to be stupid about it. There’s a thin line between an interesting headline that gets people to want to click on the story to hear more about it, and a headline designed to obscure and hide the facts in an effort to force you to click.

Part of the problem is that headlines like this are so common we tend to not really see them as being clickbait anymore, which is kind of where the idea for this series came from.

This is the third story in this series, joining World War II as told through clickbait headlines, and the American Revolution as told through clickbait headlines. We will probably do more as well. They help to illustrate a point, and they are kind fun to write.

As with the previous articles, the headlines below are a combination of the work of the DBP writers, as well as followers of DBP’s Facebook page, to which we owe a big thanks (the names of the people that submitted headlines is in bold). If you don’t already follow us, please do! Then next time when we post a request for headlines, join in.

For the sake of clarity, these headlines focus on the U.S. vs U.S.S.R. space programs during the period known as the Space Race, generally accepted to begin with the launch of Sputnik, and ending shortly after America landed on the moon. Where applicable, they are listed chronologically.

On to the Space Race as told through clickbait headlines!


If the Space Race were told through clickbait headlines

The Cold War: Do you understand the gravity of the situation?

Scientists feared the human body wouldn’t function in space – the truth is so much weirder!

You won’t believe Werhner von Braun’s secret! – Mindy Montgomery

Russia launched a tiny satellite. You won’t believe what happened next! – David Clark

The story of this Russian dog will bring you to tears

President Kennedy has a message for the Ruskies, and you’ll want to hear it

A man has gone into space for the first time, and you won’t believe where he’s from!

Alan Shapard did WHAT in his spacesuit?!?

OMG – what freeze dried treat has cosmonauts shedding pounds!? – Jason Bailes

You’ve never heard of Tang, but you soon will!

The Atlas rocket has HOW MUCH thrust?!

Can Russian men survive in space without freedom?

(1965 – 1968)

If the Space Race were told through clickbait headlines

The Commies just walked in space, but does it really matter?

An American just walked in space for the first time, and it’s the most important walk ever

Gemini astronauts try out docking (not the sex act)

Top Ten Hilarious Launch Pad Explosions (GALLERY) – Christopher Walsh

We can’t even pronounce the name of the Ruskie’s dumb capsule

Don’t go falling in love with the Gemini capsule

(1969 – 1974)

If the Space Race were told through clickbait headlines

Which Apollo mission are you? Take our quiz to find out! – Mindy Montgomery

When will we land on the moon and forever change humanity? Click here to find out!

Michael Collins can’t land on the moon and the reason is heartbreaking. – Jack Davis

You won’t believe what 1 small step for man can lead to. – Jeris Schaefer

You wouldn’t believe what kind of problems Houston has to deal with! –Mindy Montgomery

American and Soviet astronauts are meeting in the craziest place possible

This is the lab everyone will want to work (but can’t)

You’re a NASA contractor. How low can you bid and still make it safe? – Christopher Walsh

NASA is pretty much dead



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