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There’s something weird in the Thames River

There’s something weird in the Thames River

Last week in the heart of London, several people reported seeing what was described as a massive creature swimming just under the surface o the Thames. Needless to say, it raised a few eyebrows and pushed the collective British stiff upper lip to its maximum setting.

The footage below was captured by a passenger on a nearby cable car, who apparently is unaware that holding your phone horizontally actually produces video that isn’t obnoxious to watch. Still, he/she captures the creature as it breaks the surface, just yards – sorry, meters – away from the iconic O2 arena, the spherical dome in the background that looks like a steampunk breast.

The video was recorded on the unfortunate date of April 1, prompting thousands to actually analyze and discuss something they read online for a change. The common consensus – well, the common sane consensus that doesn’t involve monsters or aliens – is that it may be a lost whale that somehow made its way from the Atlantic into the polluted waters of the Thames.

It’s rare, but it has happened before. In 2006, a bottlenose whale was found frolicking in the Thames. The rescue operation proved unsuccessful, which is a nice way of saying it died in the attempt, but practice makes perfect.

If it is indeed a whale and it can’t find its own way back out, city officials will be forced to try to help it out. If they can’t, sooner or later it will either become a navigational hazard or it will die and wash up on shore where it will begin to decompose.

If that happens, hopefully they won’t try to use dynamite to dispose of it. Or what the hell, maybe they will and everyone outside of London can laugh at the carnage.

Oddly though, it’s been a week since the first sighting, and there’s haven’t been any reports since. Maybe it isn’t a whale at all…

Check out the video below, and decide for yourself if the creature is a whale, or something else entirely.



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