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You may have taken your socks off, but you’ve never taken your socks off using a rocket launcher

socks off using a rocket launcher

We post a lot of weird stuff here on Dead Beats Panel. From narrow escapes to Shaolin fighters to ghostly videos, we have a lot of weird videos and news in the archives. With that said, it will be tough to beat this video for sheer bizarreness.

If you happen to come across a video weirder than a guy taking off his socks with a rocket launcher, then please, by all means, send it our way.

Seriously, it must be really weird if it tops this.

The clip below was posted by YouTuber Colin Furze, a guy with a whole lot of weird clips to his credit. This one just raises so many questions, beginning with where the hell did he even get a rocket launcher?

Anyway, check it out below. And seriously, if you come across something more bizarre, for the love of God don’t keep it to yourself.



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