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Smoke and Sacrifice Tips and Tricks to Help You Get Started

Curve Digital and Solar Sail Games offer a new take on the survival genre, and we have a few Smoke and Sacrifice tips and tricks to help you get started.

If you are looking for a game that is brimming with originality, then you might want to consider Solar Sail Games and Curve Digital’s Smoke and Sacrifice. Fans of the survival genre and games that feature a heavy reliance on inventory management will probably feel right at home, but there are a few things that make this title stand out. That’s where this guide comes in.

Smoke and Sacrifice can be an unforgiving game, but a rewarding one too if you have the patience to embrace its unique nature. You’ll die, a lot, but the flip side is that you’ll experience a deep story about a mother searching for her lost child, presented through a beautiful, hand-drawn world.

If you’re looking for a more traditional action RPG game like Zelda: Breath of the Wild, this might not be the game for you. But for those willing to buy in there’s an excellent title awaiting you, and we have a few Smoke and Sacrifice tips and tricks to help you get started. We’ll update this article with more tips in the future, and if you have any of your own you’d like to offer up, let us know in the comments below.


Smoke and Sacrifice Tips and Tricks

If you aren’t familiar with survival games in the vein of Don’t Starve, you might not be prepared for the type of game Smoke and Sacrifice is.

This game is a throwback of sorts to back when games didn’t hold your hand or offer multiple difficulty settings. It’s hard and you’ll die often, there’s no real way around that. The further you progress into the game and the better items and equipment you earn the better you’ll fare, but you’re still going to die a lot. It’s best you make peace with that and plan accordingly.

  • You’ll frequently receive missions that you won’t be able to complete or even start at first. When this happens, focus on exploration and side quests and come back to the main mission later.
  • Make sure to hit every save point you can, often. Even if you just saved recently, you’ve made any progress at all and it’s easy to save, do so.
  • If you have spent some time exploring and have made some progress, make the effort to return to the last save point – it’s faster to run back to your last explored point than it is to have to replay everything if you die.
  • The game will feel brutal for several hours, but there will come a point when it goes from survival to survival/action.

Build Up

Smoke and Sacrifice Tips and Tricks

To start with, accept that the game will get a little easier – or at least a little fairer – as you earn better equipment and items, but don’t expect it to ever get easy. When you first begin, collect everything you can find. A lot of it won’t come in to play for a while if ever, but your inventory is large enough that you won’t fill it up quickly.

One of the key elements of the game is to unlock new recipes that can be used to create everything from weapons to clothing to consumables. To unlock these recipes and discover the potentially life-saving item you can create, you’ll need to discover them from old markers scattered around the world, or complete specific quests and receive them from NPCs. Either way, you’ll need to collect the component parts – even if you don’t know exactly what those may be at first.

As you begin to gain new equipment, you’ll also want to understand what it does and when to best use it. You won’t find too many objects that are just “better” until later in the game, rather they are designed for specific areas. That means you’ll need to swap them out fairly often.

  • Weapons and equipment can be upgraded, usually with bone. When you begin to find bone (you’ll first see it in snowy areas), collect as much as you can.
  • Move your inventory around so you can quickly find things.
  • You can make some items into “favorites,” then switch between them with the trigger buttons.
  • Weapons and equipment degrade over time and through use. They can be repaired, but if they break you will need to recraft them. If you’re close and don’t need them, it’s worth putting them aside until you craft/receive repair tonic.
  • Collecting the components for a lantern is always a good idea, but don’t craft the lantern itself until you need it – they eat up inventory spots and can’t be combined.
  • To unlock the recipes from the markers in the world, you’ll need to take a rubbing or use the liquid to reveal them. Make sure you have plenty of both.
  • Keep an eye out for additional instructions for recipies – some require you make them on a workbench or in a cookpot.

Nothing is Permanent

Smoke and Sacrifice Tips and Tricks

Most of the items you collect and craft have a limited lifespan, especially organic materials. Over time, they will simply degrade and rot away, while objects you equip will degrade the more you use them. More than once you’ll run into a situation where you need a specific component to craft a particular object, and even though you went way out of your way to obtain that component, it disappeared from your inventory before you could use it. It’s frustrating, and it will happen. The only thing to do is remember where you found certain components and backtrack.

As you progress and gain access to transport tubes, prioritize using your tokens on them over vending machines. You’ll need to backtrack frequently throughout the game, and tubes are the best way.

  • Even if you don’t need it at the time, if an item is about to disappear and it offers a benefit like health regeneration, use it.
  • If you have an object you can upgrade but it needs a repair, save the repair tonic and upgrade it instesd – it resets the durability.

Explore, But Cautiously

Smoke and Sacrifice Tips and Tricks

When you first start out and don’t have much offensive weaponry or when you reach a new area filled with enemies beyond your current means, don’t get sucked in trying to fight them. Instead, you may want to wait for the daylight, then run around to unfog the map and find recipe markers, save points, transport tubes, and chests. Once you’ve got a rough lay of the land, make sure to save and then jump into the real exploration.

The land masses are all surrounded by a liquid border that you can’t cross. It will slow you down and eventually kill you. If you stick to the beaches while running around, it will give you an outline of the entire area.

  • You will quickly run into areas where you can’t enter yet due to equipment requirements. Not where it is on your map and ignore it.

Where There’s Smoke

Smoke and Sacrifice Tips and Tricks

Smoke and Sacrifice is built around a day/night mechanic. It fits into the story as the smoke is a byproduct of the machines throughout the land and consequently turn the people and animals into enemies. you’ll hear more about it as you progress, but the important thing to know is that it runs on five minute(ish) cycle, and the smoke can kill you if you aren’t prepared.

Dealing with the smoke is a huge part of the game, and one you’ll constantly need to work through. At the start of the game there isn’t a lot you can do. You’ll need to stay near sources of light, either lit torches/lamps or moving fireflies, and wait it out. You’ll quickly earn the ability to craft a lantern though, and once you do that the game begins to open up.

At a relatively early point, you’ll unlock the ability to project light using your pendant, which protects you from the smoke. It also has a defensive element in combat, but it has a limited life and you’ll need to continuously recharge it at totems found throughout the world. Because of that, make sure you have the necessary components to make a lantern quickly in an emergency. It will save your life.

  • Keep an eye on the clock in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and plan accordingly
  • If you are low on light-emitting items, stay in a protected area with light until the smoke clears.

Fight or Flight

Smoke and Sacrifice Tips and Tricks


Fighting in Smoke and Sacrifice can be tough at first. You need better equipment and better health/defense items, and even then taking on the larger enemies can be a challenge. O course, fighting is not always the best option.

When you first start, you will be weapon-less and fighting with your hands is risky. There may be a few times when the situation demands it, but it should be your last resort. More often than not you can run from enemies, and unless you need the resources they drop this should probably be your go-to move. Fighting is risky, and even if you escape unscathed, the cost to your weapons will add up.

If you do need to fight, given the isometric layout of the game you will always be fighting in a line or diagonally. Your moves will follow this logic, so you’ll need to know the pattern of each weapon, especially the follow through. If you aren’t prepared, it can launch you forward and leave you vulnerable. You’ll also need to keep a close eye on their durability. Weapons can be repaired, but if they break they will be gone for good and you’ll need to recraft them. Weapons can also be upgraded, but durability remains an issue.

  • Upgrading a weapon brings its durability up to full.
  • Enemies have patterns that can be exploited.
  • When you are attacked, use natural landmarks like trees and rocks as shields.
  • Projectile weapons can keep you safe, but they are weaker. Find cover when using them.

Main Story & Quests

Smoke and Sacrifice Tips and Tricks

Smoke and Sacrifice takes place in a world covered in ice, where an ancient machine brings light and heat to one small, surviving village. You take control of Sachi, a mother forced to engage in a communal ritual that sacrifices every mother’s firstborn child to what they assume is the god keeping them safe. When a stranger tells Sachi her child may be alive and how to find him, she sets off into a strange new world.

The gameplay mechanics, including the smoke, are tied into the story. As you progress, you’ll unravel the mystery of the world, but how it unfolds is up to you. There’s a main quest along with several side quests, but how you address them is down to preference. More than once you’ll hit a point where you have to decide if you want to finish a main mission or pursue side quests. This will come down to weapon and equipment durability, which will in effect act like a built-in time limit.

If you have to make the choice between a main quest and a side quest, you can always complete the main quest and come back later for the others. Backtracking is a key part of the game, and main quests open new areas.

  • Speaking to NPCs is a good way to get clues as to where you need to go.
  • If an NPC has an icon over their head, you need to approach them and then select that item from your inventory using the “show” option.
  • Place the teddy bear somewhere in your inventory where it’s easy to access – you’ll need to show it often.
  • There are no arrows telling you where to go, so you’ll need to use your journal and map often.
  • There will frequently be times where you aren’t able to complete the mission yet due to equipment. When this happens, jump into the side quests.
  • This isn’t really a tip or trick, but all of the artwork in Smoke and Sacrifice was hand drawn, so take a moment to appreciate it.

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