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Skier gives an avalanche the finger, does a backflip while escaping

Skier escapes avalanche

The video below shows that a skier escapes avalanche with style. Sverre Liliequist was inches away from death when he pulled off a backflip and skied away.

You never know exactly how you’ll respond to danger until you are faced with it. Some will run, some will fight. Others will give it the finger and pull off a sick backflip in its face, then casually ski away as if nothing happened. The latter category is the smallest, but makes for the best videos.

The clip below is from 2013, taken during the Swatch Skiers Cup. The competition occurred in Switzerland, outside of Zermatt, and it features professional skier Sverre Liliequist as he basically has death chasing after him. In response, he gives death the finger.

During his second run, Liliequist sets off an avalanche. Just as it closes on him, he pulls off a backflip and skis away as snow touches his back. He later told the press that he didn’t know the avalanche was coming for him, but that doesn’t make as good a story.

“I don’t want people to get the wrong impression from that run,” Liliequist told ESPN. “People should know that we take snow safety very seriously and have highly professional safety protocols in place throughout the event.”

Sure, the video is over two years old, but pulling off a goddamn backflip as an avalanche nips at your heals is timeless.

Check out the video below.



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