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Star Trek 3 has a new writer: Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg writing Star Trek 3

Actor and writer Simon Pegg is stepping up his involvement in the next Star Trek film. According to Deadline, Pegg will expand his role from actor in the film, to actor and co-writer.

The third modern Star Trek won’t be out until 2016, and yet the film is already generating a whole lot of headlines. And most of them are for all the wrong reasons.

To begin with, the studio chose first time director Roberto Orci to take over directing duties from JJ Abrams, who left to take over the Star Wars franchise. Abrams will remain attached as a producer along with his Bad Robot production company. The choice was somewhat controversial, given that the Orci has no experience directing, especially not a film of this scale.

Soon after he was hired, there were rumors of problems between Orci and the studio. There’s one specific story going around that Orci’s idea for the film was to have the Vulcan’s mess with time travel to save their planet. The studio thought that was a horrible idea, and the two sides began to move further and further apart until Orci was fired.

Of course, everyone involved has since completely denied that, but the fact remains that Orci is gone. He will remain attached as a producer, but it is almost certainly just a ceremonial role.

That alone might not necessarily be an issue, given that the film is still in the very early stages. The problem is the time frame.

2016 will mark the 50th anniversary of the Star trek franchise. Paramount will go to any lengths to cash in on that; to miss it would be a disgrace for the studio. So the film is moving ahead, one way or another.

To fill the gap left by Orci, the studio hired Justin Lin to take his place, but the film doesn’t have a script. Paramount and Bad Robot turned to Pegg to work with Doug Jung (Dark Blue), who recently finished work on the Bad Robot production, Diamond, but the bottom line is that there is a movie with a budget that could top $200 million in production with no script. That’s never a good sign.

Pegg is best known as an actor, and he will reprise his role as Scotty in the series, but he also has plenty of writing experience. He co-wrote the series Spaced, Paul, Run Fatboy Run, and the entire Cornetto Trilogy.

The third Star Trek film is tentatively set for July 2016.



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