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This shockingly strong bee will freak you out

This shockingly strong bee will freak you out

If you see this bee flying around, you may want to take the chance and get it to sting you. If you’re very lucky, you may end up with superpowers, including the disproportionate strength of a bee. More likely you’ll end up with a nasty sting, but that’s a small price to pay for potential greatness.

The video below of the bee is making the proverbial rounds on the internet. It is apparently a mason bee, a form of the insect known for making its home inside of small holes – not unlike the size of a hole made by, say, a nail. One of the many theories as to how and why the bee shows off some of its Hulk-like strength is due to the possible rage stemming from some asshole putting a giant nail in its home. If the hole houses some baby bees, you should run for your life before the bee goes berserk.

The nail seems to have been just pushed into the hole rather than nailed in, so the bee isn’t ripping it from the bricks. Still, the bee is roughly half the size of a penny and it is dragging a nail a few inches long out of the wall. Imagine someone pulling a telephone pole for a size comparison and give that damn bee some props.

It’s not the type of bee you would want to be an aggressive bee.

The clip was originally posted in 2012, but it is making its way back into the minds of internet denizens, as weird videos like this have a habit of doing. You could even say that it is generating some buzz!

Get it? Buzz? Because it’s a bee? Nailed it. And again! The puns are flowing like honey today! (Oh god, someone stop me).

Maybe the bee’s home was destroyed, that’s gotta sting. (Oh god, kill me now.)

Anyway, check it out below.



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