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Massive semi truck jumps over an F1 car, because why not

semi jumps F1

The world record in the elusive “semi jumps F1” category has been locked down with a record-setting jump of 83 feet and 7 inches.

There are probably easier world records to secure than the “semi jumps F1” record, but they may not be as spectacular or look as good on video. In the clip below, a new world record was set for the longest jump length for a semi truck, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

And it jumped over an F1 racer, just because.

The semi in the video is being driven by stunt driver Mike Ryan, according to Car and Driver. Ryan has a thing for semi trucks, and recently drifted a semi up Pikes Peak. As for the F1 racer, professional driver Martin Ivanov is the man behind the wheel who is one bad bump away from a very bad day.

The stunt was put on by the Lotus F1 Team and EMC in an effort to “redefine motorsports,” whatever that means. Maybe the groups foresee a future where F1 racing decides to spice things up by adding even more risk to a sport where a bug in the wrong place at the wrong time could potentially cause a massive explosion at 200+ mph.

The truck went on to set a world record for semi-truck jumping, by clearing 83 feet, 7 inches. The F1 was there just because.



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