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Seeing the Music of Beethoven Will Give You a New Appreciation

Seeing the Music of Beethoven Will Give You a New Appreciation

It might sound like a contradiction, but seeing the music of Beethoven through a new visual display will give you a new appreciation.

When it comes to Beethoven, it’s easy to take his music for granted given how widespread it is. The vast majority of the world has heard at least renditions of his work at one point or another, so they tend to blur into the background.

The video below should punch that complacency in the throat.

The clip comes from YouTuber Rousseau, a pianist who basically turns classical pieces into Guitar Piano Hero on the expert difficulty setting. The three clips below are all from Beethoven’s “Midnight Sonato.” Each note is seen as a dot or a line coming toward the keys, but it’s obvious that Rousseau doesn’t need them – it’s more to present a look at how complex the piece really is. Check out the 3rd Movement to see some incredible skills.

These clips are all related to Beethoven, but there are plenty of other classical pieces alongside some modern covers as well. The latest clip posted is a piano rendition of Alan Walker’s “Darkside” (ft. Au/Ra and Tomine Harket).

You can find them all on Rousseau’s YouTube channel. There are more than two dozen, so carve out some time to check them out.

Moonlight Sonato (1st Movement)

Moonlight Sonato (2nd Movement)

Moonlight Sonato (3rd Movement)



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